U.S, Australia joined HIFiRE rocket achieves at Mach 7.5

HIFiRE rocket

Joint US-Australian rocket experiment has been conducted successfully at Mach 7.5.HIFiRE rocket

Australia’s Defense Science and Technology Group has successfully experimented rocket with enormous speed of seven times more than the speed of sound. It has been reported that it reached highest altitude of 172.7 miles and successfully reached the target of MACH 7.5. The test is one of the 10 largest trials of the technology being run at the world largest and testing range, Woomera in South Australia and at Norway’s Andoya Rocket Range.

The rocket experiment has been conducted by the US Air Force Research and Australia Defense Science and Technology Group. It is part of international research program called Hyper-sonic International Flight Research Experimentation.

According to the Telegraph, flight from Sydney to New York in just two hours is one step closer to reality after the successful test. Similarly flight from London to New York will take place in just 35 minutes. 


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