Transformation of secular Israel into radical Israel

The secular Israel— founded by the secular socialist David Ben Gurion— has been transformed into right-wing radical new Israel. Portraying Israel in one of the most hackneyed phrase—the only democracy in the middle east — would not be pragmatic anymore. The new version of Israel is different from the old version. Democratic ideology of the current government is antithetical to that of Ben-Gurion-style democratic ideology. The Lukid—major center-right to right-wing political party—formed government in coalition, after the 2015 election and transformed Israel dramatically. Although Prime Minister Netanyahu is Ashkenazi, his allies are religious Zionists; who are staunch supporters of radical views. In their view, Israel is a Jewish state and democratic state. It’s still ambivalent to many Israelis, whether democratic state is compatible with the Jewish state combination or not? The second incisive question; whether gentiles would be treated equally or there would be any kind of “preferential treatment” for Jews in the Jewish state?

In addition, two-state solution has been taken off the table and conflict between Israel and Palestine shows no signs of abatement. It is much more pertinent that the never-ending conflict is not expected to reach some sort of consensus in the near future, however new restrictive laws of current Israeli government have brought the situation to the point of no return. Human rights abuses have exposed the government, but Israeli officials have denied all kinds of allegations in this regard. The central tenets of Zionist radicals advocated the settlements in the West Bank while this behavior have led the Arab/Jewish relations to the lowest point. It could also inflame external forces to legitimize their offensives against the state of Israel.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu’s governement would bring more ultra religious conservative judges to Supreme Court. Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister has already nominated more than 100 judges to Israel’s highest courts. It would certainly make no sense to argue that all these judges are ultra-conservative, but precipitating too many aggressive and truculent policies can have dire consequences to resolve disputes and provide justice. Moreover, the government has already brought some of religious Zionist to key government institutions. Arguably, It would be arduous to provide justice if politics intervene in matter of the judiciary.

Netanyahu’s party has left no stone unturned to impose more restrictions on left-wing organizations. The government has also accused European countries for their funds to different left-wing political organizations. They have put several organizations under intense scrutiny to stop international interference through funds.

Consequently, the erratic behavior of current Israeli government is less tolerant that would not only impede the peace process between Israel and Palestine, but it would also deteriorate Israel’s relationship with the international community. The moderate state of Israel has metamorphosed into conservative state that can have serious potential consequences in the near future.

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