Top Sites in Australia 2016

Top Sites

Australian Top sites ranking according to Alexa are listed below in this article. The biggest search engine like Google, Bing, Live and Yahoo are  among these top sites. Social messenger Facebook outperformed all other social networking sites while the only retailing site which made its way into the top list is Ebay instead of Amazon.

Top Sites Ranking :



top sites

Aussies are using the Google homepage of Australia because it enables the users to access all Australian web pages first instead of global web pages.

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Top sites Australia

 The second biggest search comes from Australians is search engine. It enables the user to search information from all around the world including news, images, web pages and videos.

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  1. Facebook

ausssie 3

 Facebook is one of the biggest social messenger that provides utility to all those people who wants to connect with other people according to their interests. You can share your video links, upload your photos, make your pages, promote your pages and do marketing with help of advertisements.

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  1. YouTube

Aussie Youtube

Aussies are excessively users of YouTube because it’s a platform that enable the users to upload, share and tag their videos. Users can watch all kinds of videos they are looking for except those videos which contains offensive material and that are against YouTube policies.

 Visit here: Youtube



 Aussies have predilection for because it is also one of the major search engines offering search results. It allows the users to make their yahoo email accounts and we can also use it as social messenger.

Visit here: Yahoo

  1. is a Microsoft Search engine and According to Alexa, its current global ranking is 11.

Visit here: live


Aussie ebay


 EBay is ranked first in Australia in terms of shopping. It provides a public sale of things and especially focusing on Australian sellers and buyers. Its current rank in Australia is the 7th which is much better than its evocative Amazon in terms of shopping.

Visit here: Ebay

  1. Wikipedia

Aussie 88

It was started back in 2001 and Wikipedia is ranked 8th in Australia. Its ranking is better around the globe because it free encyclopedia which contains 5089477 articles.

Visit here: Wikipedia

  1. Bing

ausiie bing

Bing is a Microsoft Search engine which features web pages, news, images, and videos.

Visit here: Bing

  1. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional networking tool which connects you with people of your own interest specially focusing on the business side. The tool has proven quite successful for the business category, job seekers and industrial experts.

 Visit here: Linkedin

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