Why people will never visit these countries?

Why people are reluctant to visit these countries?

According to the Independent, People are reluctant to visit some of the countries due to some outrageous reasons. Redditors have expressed their bad experience in some of the countries ,they have visited in past and chastised openly.
Even though, some of the countries in South America, Africa, Asia and continent Australia have not mentioned here, but it does not suggest; these are impeccable and perfect countries.

Source: Independent

The full breakdown of countries by reason:
Attitude to Tourists: Albania, Malaysia, Mauritania, Solomon Islands, Thailand, The Bahamas, Tunisia, Vietnam

Beggars: Belize, Mexico

Boring: Finland, France, Luxembourg, Slovakia

Danger: Croatia, Honduras, Somalia, Venezuela

Dirty: Cuba, Russia, India, Indonesia, Philippines

Expensive: Denmark, Norway, Slovenia

Loud: Italy

Too much poverty: Haiti, Jamaica, Paraguay, India

Racism: United States

Rude: Czech Republic, Greece, Lebanon, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey

Sexual Harassment: Egypt, Morocco, Swaziland

Sketchy: Cambodia

Toilets/Transport: China

Too cold/Boring: Canada

War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen

Weird: Japan, South Korea

The above report is not precisely accurate and the purpose of the post is not to denigrate these countries with mentioned reasons.

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