The Panama leak unveiled 1000 Australian Links

panama papers

The Panama leak Papers unveiled 1000 Australian Links. After the unprecedented Panama leaks, Australian Tax Office has confirmed, it is investigating malfeasance acts of more than 800 hundred Australians wealthy people. According to ABC news, Deputy Tax Commissioner Michael Cranston revealed that some of the information pertaining to these Australians have been investigated already, but they are looking for those who are not investigated yet.

Panama leaks exposed biggest companies, notorious frauds and business figures of Australia and documented how richest individuals are hiding their wealth. Confidential leak shows how law firm allegedly assists clients in avoiding tax. The leak also unveiled how public officials are using other countries for tax avoidance.

While holding offshore property and companies are not against the law, but concealing wealth to evade tax, money laundering or other crimes is surely something against the national interest of any country.

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