Notebook 7 Spin is tablet and laptop

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin, a new laptop in the series, can be flipped all the way back to work as a tablet. The new Samsung Notebook 7 spin is the evocation of Lenovo Yoga 3.  Lenovo Yoga 3  have attracted a myriad of consumers around the world since its entry into the market.


It would be available in two different screen sizes; one in 13.3 inch while the second one is a bit larger in size of 15.6-inch. It features an HD resolution with High Dynamic Range video support.

Graphic card for 13-inch:

Intel HD Graphics 520

Graphic card for 15-inch:

NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.


The new laptop which serves as tablet too have sufficient ports,

Notebook 7 Spin Ports:

·       HDMI

·       One USB 3.0

·       Two USB 2.0

·       One USB Type-C

·       Micro SD card slot on the 13-inch and SDXC memory card slot on 15-inch model.

Samsung has not revealed about the battery life of new laptop, but it has been mentioned that the new laptop is quite handy in charging. The new laptop with 13-inch will take 1 hour and 40 minutes while 15-inch model will take 1 hour and 30 minutes.

When it will be available in market?

It’s quite tentative in Australia, but the new laptop will make its entry into the market on 26 June henceforth at a Best Buy store.

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