‘Moonhack’ coding event for Australian kids

More than 9,000 Australian kids have participated in the coding event called Moonhack. Kids logged in from schools and their homes in myriad of numbers, resulted in setting a new world record of coding.

Coding event
According to Mashable, the event was organized by Code Club Australia to coincide with the July 20 anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Event pertaining to coding has never been set like this before and it is moment of triumph for Australians to made it. The team behind this great event has been endeavoring to underscore the value of coding around the world. After grueling campaign of spreading the word regarding this event, the team has finally brought this event successfully.

There were many projects for kids in this event. One project used the visual programming language Scratch, allowing kids to build Australian scenes like Uluru complete with noises of the Outback. Some of the projects were in python language and it was abstruse for kids to perform well in these projects. While one of the projects, used audio from the actual moon landing.

The code club Australia is looking forward to initiate further coding events to bolster the future of programming in Australia.

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