Malcolm Turnbull condemns homophobic views of Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman

Malcolm Turnbull condemns homophobic views of Sheikh Shady Alsulieman, and expressed his regrets for inviting him to Iftar dinner. Sheikh Shady has delivered many sermons in which he clearly expressed his prejudice against homosexuality. Prime Minister had invited Muslims community to Iftar dinner at Thursday and the event was attended by Sheikh  Alsulieman. The dinner was hosted by the Prime Minister for the first time and he was not aware of homophobic views of Sheikh.

Sheikh Shady

Sheikh Shady Alsulieman is the head of the Australian National Imams Council.

When PM was asked about it, he categorically condemned it and said: “Views like this are wrong, unacceptable and I condemn them.”

On Friday PM Turnbull elucidated that “If I had been aware that he made those remarks … he would not have been invited.”

He further added,  “he would strongly counsel the Sheikh to reflect on what he has said and recant what he has said”


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