Little Ripper drone unveiled in Australia

Little Ripper

Little Ripper, Shark-spotting drone made its debut in New South Wales, Australia.

Little Ripper

The new drone is designed for the purpose of spotting sharks and to rescue victims of shark attacks. Westpac, announced on Sunday that they will launch miniature drones very soon to battle against sharks. The number of shark attacks on swimmers in Australia is increasing and it’s now a nettlesome problem for swimmers. Australia faced 22 shark attacks in 2015 and many of the incidents occurred in New South Wales.

The New shark spotting drone looks like a mini helicopter which has the capability to spot sharks and assist beach-goers in severe distress. It is equipped with a high tech camera which run on powered batteries and the flight time per charge of this drone is up to 1 hour. According to Sydney Morning Herald, the new drone has the capability of airdropping saving Pods to save people, carrying flotation devices, medical equipment and shark repellent.

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