Pakistan and India are seeking NSG acceptance

China has openly opposed membership of India in Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

Vienna: The 48 Nation NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) meeting held in Vienna, Austria to consider the inclusion of India came to an end without any remarkable breakthrough.


Ostensibly, It’s now obvious that both countries will unlikely seek Nuclear Suppliers Group acceptance because China has openly opposed the Indian inclusion in NSG while Pakistan has failed to attain US endorsement for its membership. Other countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Turkey have voted against India for its membership.

The United States has shown magnanimity towards the Indian inclusion in the NSG as US President Barack Obama has announced strong support for India’s bit to join NSG. Moreover, The US Secretary of State John Kerry had written a letter in the favor of India to Nuclear Suppliers Group members for the advocacy of India as new member in the group.

It has been reported that after Vienna meeting, China is calling for non-discriminatory criteria for the induction of other countries in Nuclear Supplier Group. Pakistan and India both countries have not signed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty yet. Arguably, China insists that all those countries which would like to join the NSG would need to sign the NPT first including India.  If the United States and other countries have intended to exempt India from this requirement, then they should exempt Pakistan from this requirement to maintain balance and regional stability in South Asia.

It is notable that tension between the United States and Pakistan has already been escalated over killing of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in drone attack and US delegation has visited Pakistan in this regard to discuss current situations. Despite China’s objection, US has intended to provide soft consent for the inclusion of India in NSG meeting, which will held in South Korea on June 20-24. If India gets NSG membership earlier than Pakistan it would make hindrance for Pakistan’s entrance in the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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