India’s hopes of becoming NSG member have been shattered

India’s dream of becoming NSG member has shattered due to China’s obstinacy.

India’s has failed to make its entrance into the NSG elite group after hours of discussion in a special plenary session held in Seoul on Friday. China has refused to make exceptions in rules for any country and maintained its opposition by stressing on criteria-based entrance.



Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland have also opposed its induction into the NSG.

According To Chinese foreign minister statement, China’s top negotiator at the NSG, Ambassador Wang Qun said,

 “This is a pillar, not something that China set. It is universally recognized by the international community,”

The Chinese never-ending opposition, encouraged six other nations to raise procedural points and emphasized to create criteria for non-NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty) states first. Certainly, its moment of embarrassment for Indian diplomacy despite the strong endorsement by USA.

USA strongly believes in India NSG membership and Obama administration has  supported it vociferously.

Top Obama administration official said,

We are confident that we have got a path forward by the end of this year,” 

Currently, India did not achieve any breakthrough during plenary special in Seoul on Friday.

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