Greens Immigration plan to raise refuge intake


Greens Immigration has decided to raise refugee intake to 50,000 under new policy. Under the new proposal, 10,000 asylum seekers would be able to get a skilled visa while 40,000 asylum seekers will make it to resettle in Australia every year


This is certainly a dramatic increase in refugee intake and if we compare it to last record of 2014-15, approximately 26,000 new asylum seekers will be resettled on humanitarian grounds. The policy would discourage asylum seekers from attempting illegal ways of coming to Australia. All facilities in offshore detention places like the Manus Island and Nauru would be shut down forever. The new proposal will decrease expenses by all odds, as Australia would save more than $2.9 billion. Additionally, 10,000 will get a skilled visa which will provide them a good environment to spend better life in Australia.

Spokesperson of the Greens immigration, Sarah Hanson-Young said “closing offshore detention facilities enabled the program to be ‘cost-neutral”. She added that closing offshore detention places would save almost $3 billion dollars. ‘That is an awful lot of money to keep 2000 people – men, women and children – detained on those island camps.’

She elucidated further, why it is so important that they should shut down detention places to hold refugee. Hanson-Young strongly believes that skilled Refugee will not only make their disrupted lives better, but they will also contribute and work in prosperous Australia future.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten criticized new proposal while Labor has expressed concerns pertaining to this policy. Hanson-Young has rejected criticism from the Coalition, saying that it would actually prevent people from adopting illegal smuggling and it will give them a viable alternative to work directly with the Australian authorities.

“This policy gives people a viable alternative,” she said. “If we give people a viable alternative, they will take it. They don’t want to have to pay people smugglers. They would prefer to work directly with the Australian authorities.”

Under this new policy regarding Asylum seekers, intake refuge would rise from 13,750 to 50,000 a year and they will provide dignity packages to Asylum seekers. Approximately $500 million would be provided for the next four years and they will support organizations such as the United Nations refugee agency in the region.

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