British Prime Minister and Opposition leader paid tribute to the slain Labour MP Jo Cox.

Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn have shown solidarity to pay tribute and respect to the pro-EU campaigner MP Jo Cox.
According to AlJazeera, Both leader visited the northern village of Birstall and laid a bouquets to pay tribute.

MP Jo Cox.
PHOTO: David Cameron and Corbyn attend a memorial close to the spot where Jo Cox was shot.

Cameron said, “Where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance, we must drive it out of our politics and out of our public life and out of our communities”.
While Corbyn expressed his feelings by saying, “She was taken from us in an act of hatred, in a vile act that has killed her. It’s an attack on democracy what happened yesterday. It’s the well of hatred that killed her”.
The campaign has been stopped as mark of respect from both the sides.

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