Bill Shorten calls Turnbull ‘ Th Scarlet Pimpernel’ Of election debates

According to The Guardian, Bill Shorten Calls Turnbull ‘ Th Scarlet Pimpernel’ Of election debates. He says, “I would like to see more journalists available. Mr Turnbull would probably like me to boycott this debate. He has been the Scarlet Pimpernel of this election. Just pinning him down is harder than I thought it would be”

Bill Shoreten
Melbourne:Bill Shorten with his wife Chloe at a gathering to show solidarity with the Orlando shooting victims. Photograph: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images


“I will debate Mr Turnbull in any place, any time. It has been very difficult to get him to commit to debates. I would have thought in an eight-week election he would have been most keen to put his policies up against mine. Even though it is the longest election in half a century, this prime minister has been the most evasive in half a century for debates. Whenever they do a press conference, not that they are inclined to take too many questions or answer to many issues, they are much more comfortable talking about us.

It is becoming clear pattern in this election that Mr Turnbull hopes to scrape into office by being a small target, offering no vision for Australians, no vision for Tasmanians, what he wants to simply say he is not Labor and that should be good enough for him to another three years. It is not good enough. I could have taken the approach of being a small target opposition and hope that would be a sufficient case to throw this mob out. I have more respect, not just for the intelligence of Australians, but for their dreams and desires to have a televised debate in this country”


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