Barcelona: Club assured Lionel Messi for legal and financial backing

Barcelona club assured Lionel Messi

Barcelona has ensured Lionel Messi for legal and financial backing, after the unprecedented Panama paper leaks released earlier this month. It is not confirmed yet whether Argentine will decide to sue him or not, but English Football League will support his star in this matter.
The Panama papers have unveiled myriads of public officials and Businessman including prominent members of FIFA’s ethics committee. It has leaked more than 11 million documents that are allegedly connected to Panama Law Firm named Mossack Fonesca. More than 1000 Australian links are found and ATO (Australian Tax Officer) has confirmed they are investigating public officials pertaining to Panama Links.
While holding offshore account is not illegal but Messi has been accused of keeping offshore account for tax evasion.
Spanish Newspaper posted documents online online pertaining to company named Mega Star Enterprises that shows signatures of both Barcelona Star Lionel Messi and his father, Jorge, in acquiring Mega Star.

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