Austrlaian Commisoner criticized anti Islamic sentiments of Senator Pauline Hanson

Australian Race discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane has criticized the anti-Islamic sentiments of newly elected Senator Pauline Hanson. Pauline Hanson has won her seat in recent federal Election 2016 and made hatred comments that can galvanize the violence in the country.

pauline Hanson

She has urged for inquiry into Islam and “zero-net” migration. Moreover, she defends her opinion that Australia was “swamped by Asians”.
According to Australian Broadcasting Corp, Tim Southphommasane has warned that her statement could lead to voilance and rebellion.

“”We have plenty of examples about how licensing hate can lead to serious violence and ugliness in our streets and communities,” he said.

“We shouldn’t be doing anything to compromise the remarkable success story of Australian multiculturalism,” he added.

Paul Hauson has stressed for a royal commision into Islam; she elucidated that new Muslim’s religious places should not be build and keep the existing mosques under profound surviellance. She said Muslims have jeopardized the peace by preaching hate to their followers.

Certainly her calumny comments could outbreak violence, hatred and discrimination issues.

After two months grueling campaigns, the election held last Saturday ended without any decisive result for any party to form a new government.

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