Australian Prime minister emphasized on stability after Brexit vote

Sydney: Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has urged stability and warned against the change of government relating it to the economic fallout of Britain after European referendum. The Prime Minister has launched the coalition’s election campaign on Sunday and says that it’s very necessary to keep the government stable and have strong economic plan after the recent economic shock-waves from Europe.

Australian Prime Minister
Polls suggests that it is more likely that PM will win with reduced majority to elect for second three year term. The Prime Minister has elucidated that government would strive to make vital new trade deals with Britain and European Union.

He said,

‘Calm heads, stead hands, stable government and a strong economic plan are critical for Australia to withstand any repercussions.’

Mr Turnbull said Australia has weathered global shocks before, and weathered them well.

‘A vote for anyone other than the Liberal and National Party candidates and there is a risk that Australians next week will find themselves with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister and no certainty at all about their future.’


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