Australia Post has tested drone for parcel deliveries

Australia Post has unveiled new drone technology that will deliver small parcels and online shopping’s ordered from retailers. You might have heard of many delivery services but Australian post may get benefits from this amazing drone technology. According to Australian Post Newsroom, Australia Post would be the first   parcels and logistics company to deliver small parcels by Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA).

Australian post

Australian Post publicly tested this drone technology in Melbourne under supervision of Australian Post Chief Mr. Ahmad Fahour. Mr Fahour  has said they will try to utilize drone delivery service  without replacing existing methods of delivery.CEO Ahmed Fahour has elucidated it that the new service will pass through rigorous tests of two weeks as it is in early stages but hopefully it will make very ease for online shoppers especially who are living in rural areas.

Mr Fahour said, “We will put this innovative technology through its paces over the coming weeks and months to understand what it can deliver, how far it can travel, and ultimately, how our customers could receive a parcel.”


The new drone prototype can carry parcel up to 1.2 kg and it features a parachute system which will help Drone to land safely in case of malfunction. The newly drone prototype has the capability to cover 15 kilometers initially, but they have been endeavoring to make it better in the future.

The use of drone technology for services is not new in other parts of the world and Countries like Japan and USA have trialed drone technologies for parcel deliveries but due to strict regulations, these technologies are not implemented. Companies such as Walmart, Google, and Amazon are also interested in drone deliveries, but it seems difficult to implement them in the US. When Australia Post will implement this service in Australia is bit ambiguous but they are working on this technology to demonstrate the applications and reliability.


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