Australia to invest more than $230 million on cyber security

cyber security

Over the next few years Australia has intended to invest more than $230 million on cyber security. According to Herald Sun, the Australian cyber security strategy package will include 12.3 million to evaluate vulnerabilities in government area, additional $36.4 million to assist the Australian Crime Commission and Australian Federal police to fight against cyber-crime while $3.5 million for the safety of educational institutions from cyber terrorism.

cyber security

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has officially launched the new cyber security strategy in the end of April 2016.

The new program manifests that it will run for the next four years, and in these four years they will target the epicenters of attackers and close them down before they strike.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has said that the new package will feature public-private partnerships “to back Australian businesses to develop and promote their cyber security capabilities globally”.


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