Australian Election: Seats remain in doubt to form government

The Federal Australian election result did not reveal yet, which party will come in  power? As the result of 8 seats remain in doubt. The official Australian Electoral Commission has shown partial result of the election in which Labor party secured 71 while the ruling coalition have secured 67 seats. At least, 76 lower house seats would be needed to form a government. The coalition is looking for the postal votes and Prime Minister Turnball is confident that his party would be able to govern outright. Currently, Aussies face the prospect of a hung parliament.


Coalition: 70
Labor: 67
Nick Xenophon Team: 1
Greens: 1
Other independents: 3
In doubt: 8
Counting will not resume till the next 2 days; because postal votes, absentee votes and pre-poll votes needed to be packaged up and returned to each electoral district to be processed.

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