Australia election: PM Malcolm Turnbull claims victory

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has claimed victory eight days after grueling competition in the country’s tight general election. Opposition leader has conceded defeat and congratulated Turnbull for his victory to form new government.

Malcolm Turnbull

PM Malcolm Turnbull said, “We’ve won the election, that’s what we’ve done,”

“It is vital that this parliament works; it is vital that we work together and, as far as we can, find ways upon which we can all agree,” Turnbull said.

Bill shorten conceded defeat and expressed his views in a news conference in Melbourne.

“It is clear that Mr Turnbull and his coalition will form a government,”

“So I have spoken to Mr Turnbull earlier this afternoon to congratulate him and (his wife) Lucy and to wish them my very best.”

Bill Shorten also paid tribute to Labor voters, both new and old for their struggle. He has asserted, Labor party will work with Coalition ruling party to find “common ground” with the government.

The Prime Minister praised and welcomed Mr Shorten’s offer to find “common ground”, saying that our government will his side together.

After one week of counting, the Coalition has got 74 seats in the 150-seat House of Representatives and Labor got 66 seats with five seats still too close to call.


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