Australia defends its firm immigration policy

According to Newsweek, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said "We do not theorize about border protection,"

We know what happens when those policies were abandoned: 1,200 people died at was a catastrophe."

The Australian Prime Minister defended its firm immigration policy pertaining to asylum seekers after recent deaths of two asylum seekers. After the incident, subsequent protests took place in the small Pacific island of Nauru. The Australian’s policy is very clear that immigration will refuse to accept those asylum seekers who will venture long sea voyages and puts their lives in jeopardy. It is necessary to take these safety measures so that it will deter smugglers and criminals from dangerous voyages.

Asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat will be resettled in one of the two Island; on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea or on the Pacific island. While Papua New Guinea has intended to shut down Manus Island detention centers after its court has considered this kind of actions unlawful.

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