Australia beat India In last League match

India’s dream of qualifying for the Champion trophy hockey final has been shattered after defeating from the dominant side Australia with 2-4 in last league match.

V.R. Raghunath and Mandeep Singh did goal for India, but At that time the Aussies were dominating and it was too late for India to turn the game.


Australia has dominated the league standings with 13 points while India has played all the league matches with only 7 points.

if  the match of Great Britain-Belgium would end in  draw then India can qualify to final. The draw will take Great Britain to 6 points and Belgium to five points.

Match Scores:

India 2 (Raghunath 45-pc, Mandeep 49). 

Australia 4 (Mitton 20-pc, Zalewski 23, Ogilvie 35, White 45)

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