Is there any possibility of another E.U referendum?

EU Referendum

A petition signed by more than 3 million Brits on Friday is calling for another EU referendum. The EU referendum result was very close and those who were in the favor of leaving EU have won with 51.9 percent, which is not decisive and clear representation in less than 75 percent turnout.

EU Referendum
Protesters against the outcome of EU Referendum.

Apparently, hopes of remaining within the Union are bleak, but the emerging consensus and the demand of Brits can make room for another EU referendum. The petition signed by Brits suggests that there should be another referendum in case of less than 75 percent turnout, so that a decision could be made on the basis of more than 60 percent of voters. Even though, it seems quite difficult to go for another referendum that will spur the anger of anti-union public, but Britain should not undermine the will and aspiration of remaining within the union of 48% public. Generally, salient policies are made by the country’s elected officials and the incisive purpose of the referendum was to appease the tensions within the Conservative party ahead of the general election. It was a terrible mistake in terms of politics for David Cameron because the result is disparate from his expectations.

What would be the consequences of another referendum?

  • Britain has only 3 referendums in the history and urging another referendum on the same subject would not be feasible. It would create furor in public and trust deficit in the democratic process in these situations.
  • Another Referendum means giving opportunity to those who have not participated in the referendum yet on the subject.
  • A new referendum would also open an option for those who had voted in the favor of leaving a union to contemplate their decisions based on the pros and cons of leaving the Union.

Even though the petition has been signed by 3 million Brits, but it does not mean that it will create any space for another referendum. Moreover, Parliament has no imperative to act and bring these kind of petitions to parliament. It is also certain from the previous petitions which had been signed by a majority of the public without clinching any breakthrough.

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